With minimal investment

Bank selection
Choosing a bank is one of the most responsible decisions. A lot can depend on…

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5 ways to make your business financially sustainable
Business financial sustainability is like that 2000s meme girl—hard to find and easy to lose.…

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How to run a garage sale
A garage sale is a good way to get rid of unwanted items and earn…


How to become rich at a young age
If a person wants to become rich, then he will have to work hard, plan…

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Money under the mattress does not work!

Like fuel for a car. If a canister of gasoline lies somewhere in the garage, and does not power the engine, then there is little sense from such fuel. Moreover, there is a risk of leakage, fire, etc. So is the money stored under the mattress: not only useless, but also detrimental to the economy. Let’s figure out why.

Financial inclusion – accessibility for everyone and everyone of basic financial services, such as a bank account, online payment, mobile wallets, deposits and loans, participation in investment funds and transfer of funds for management, money transfers, etc. Continue reading

Virtual Assets Law: Help or Barrier?

For a long time this market remained unsettled. So the conceptual goal of adopting a law on virtual assets is, first of all, to move the market and activities with virtual assets into the legal field. This means granting a certain legal status and concept to virtual assets (which, by the way, is not limited to cryptocurrency only), direct recognition of virtual assets at the legislative level as objects of legal relations, regulation of their circulation, determination of the rights and obligations of participants in the virtual assets market and the establishment of public policy principles and regulation in the sphere of their circulation. Continue reading

Bets in the red: what can change the situation

With official inflation of 10% and a sharp devaluation of the hryvnia, the standard rates in banks on the most popular deposits today are in the range of 7.5-8.5%. Taking into account the taxation of deposits and the situation with the unstable hryvnia exchange rate, real rates thus went into a deep minus. On deposits in foreign currency (in dollars and euros), banks pay quite ridiculous interest – no more than 1% per annum. Continue reading

How to start a crayfish farming business

One common form of small business is selling beer. In Russia, they especially like a foamy drink, which means they buy many types of snacks for it. One of the most popular and expensive are crayfish. The main catch is that this aquatic inhabitant is not so easy to find in a regular store.

Against this background, we recommend that you consider breeding crayfish as a business. This is capable of generating a steady income on a product that has not lost popularity for many decades. Continue reading

Comfortable old age without FIU

Getting old is not scary, it’s scary to live in poverty. Are you ready to give up going to the cinema, having fun with friends in bars, designer clothes and other pleasant little things in life? It is rare to meet retirees in fashion boutiques, cafes or cinemas, and even abroad, in popular resorts.

In connection with the increase in the retirement age and the general financial destabilization, we need to think about the future today.

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Bets in the red: what can change the situation
With official inflation of 10% and a sharp devaluation of the hryvnia, the standard rates…


Search for investors for business
Experienced businessmen joke that finding an investor is like finding a soul mate. Of course,…


How to survive your own financial crisis
A personal financial crisis can be the result of a variety of events: job loss,…