With minimal investment

How the process of bankruptcy of enterprises occurs: methods of prevention
The term "bankruptcy" in Italian means "broken bench (table, counter)." In times of lack of financial literacy, it was customary to smash and destroy bankrupt offices. Since then, a lot…

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How to develop a business plan
For the success of the enterprise and the company as a whole, you need the right development strategy, which needs to be thought out to the smallest detail. The best…

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How to make money recycling aluminum cans and plastic bottles
Recycling materials is not only good for the environment, but it can also be great for your wallet, making you some extra cash. The easiest way to recycle is aluminum…


How to write a business plan for agriculture and animal husbandry
A business plan is essential to get you on the ground before you start a farming business, no matter how you prepare for it. In today's world, animal husbandry is…

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Bank selection

Choosing a bank is one of the most responsible decisions. A lot can depend on the stability of a credit institution. Of course, it is quite difficult for an average Russian to deal with professional financial indicators, but one must at least assess how long a bank has been operating in the market, how successfully it has functioned all this time, how large it is, many banks have ratings from international or Russian rating agencies. Bank ratings in terms of assets, loan and deposit portfolios, network of branches, quality of service are available on a number of Internet resources. Continue reading

How to Find Marginal Revenue

According to basic economic principles, if a company lowers the price of its products, then that company can sell more products. However, this will generate less profit for each additional item sold. Marginal revenue is the increase in revenue from the sale of an additional unit of output. Marginal revenue can be calculated using a simple formula: Marginal revenue = (change in total revenue)/(change in units sold). Continue reading

How to earn fast

Do you urgently need money? There are several ways to quickly earn extra money. Such ways are: selling personal items, doing odd jobs and earning money in ways that you have not thought about before. The methods described may or may not work for long-term income, but they are great if you need to earn money within a few hours or days.

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How to calculate debt service payments

Debt service is the periodic (usually annual) payment of accrued interest and part of the principal amount of the debt. When applying for a loan, companies are required to disclose debt servicing data. Based on the amount of debt service payments and the amount of net income, investors calculate the debt service ratio, which is the percentage of net income that goes to repay the loan.

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How to conduct market research

Marketing research is carried out by both future entrepreneurs and actual businessmen in order to collect and analyze useful information about the market of the type of activity they are engaged in. Marketing research is used to find effective strategies, weigh the pros and cons of how to move forward, determine the next steps in a business, and much more. You will have a competitive edge if you have good marketing research skills. To get started, start with step number 1. Continue reading

Choosing a bank for business
The choice of a bank for business in Russia is one of the key problems faced by legal entities (LE) and individual entrepreneurs (IP). All businessmen are looking for a…


Why does a business need a fast payment system
What is a fast payment system This is an instant transfer service from the Bank of Russia. The recipient for the transfer provides some kind of identifier. Most often it…


How to calculate debt service payments
Debt service is the periodic (usually annual) payment of accrued interest and part of the principal amount of the debt. When applying for a loan, companies are required to disclose…