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Choosing a bank for business

The choice of a bank for business in Russia is one of the key problems faced by legal entities (LE) and individual entrepreneurs (IP). All businessmen are looking for a way to minimize possible risks, avoid force majeure situations, and save their money and nerves. Let’s make the most of your time! Read the article on how to choose the right bank for business.

How to choose a profitable bank for business

Features of starting a business in our country do not leave entrepreneurs a choice. To ensure the legitimacy of the company, its safe and uninterrupted functioning, a certain set of banking services, called settlement and cash services (RKO), is required. The trouble is that Russian businessmen often face unreasonable refusals to carry out this or that operation, unexpected blocking of accounts and – oh, horror! – sudden bankruptcy of the monetary organization. What is it – a worldwide conspiracy, a pandemic of negligence or a banal fraud?!

Solving the problem is easy. Carefully study counterparties and compare them by basic indicators. In particular, use the following bank selection criteria:

Despite the active introduction of Internet banking, distance can become an obstacle to solving certain financial problems. Therefore, it is logical to choose a bank for business based on the convenience of its location. A businessman needs to make a list of institutions in the zone of the city of residence and proceed to the following points.

At first glance, everything is simple: we are looking for the rating of monetary institutions of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, we choose the best ones. Banks from the TOP-100 are a priori the most reliable. But the practice of the last 25 years has shown that even high-ranking financial institutions can disappear overnight.

The second way is to read reviews. But this is not a panacea, because laudatory odes can be ordered. You can also ask friends to share their impressions. But are you sure that their opinion will be objective enough?!
The reliability of a bank is determined solely by financial instruments developed by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. These are: the presence of a valid license, liquidity standards (for legal entities), participation in the deposit insurance system (for individual entrepreneurs). They are easy to find on specialized sites, including,
Bank rates
Banking is a paid service. Financial institutions develop tariff plans aimed at customers with different incomes, goals and methods of work. For example, an individual entrepreneur with small turnover plans to open a current account (r / s). Tariffs of banks loyal to small businesses will be minimal, because they take into account the specifics of their functioning. Large institutions do not “suffer” from such flexibility. Therefore, the client will be offered an average grid that increases the businessman’s costs by 2-5 times.

Thus, a thorough analysis of tariff plans, functionality is needed, including the conditions for opening an account for business, conducting transactions, etc. All information is usually presented on the website of the selected financial institution.

Complex of additional services
If you are planning to develop your startup, think about the prospect of expanding banking services. Monetary organizations offer a range of additional services:

Acquiring, SBP.
Bank guarantee.
Online accounting.
Payroll projects, corporate cards.
Cashback for business expenses and more.
Possibility of getting a loan
Often, an entrepreneur needs financial injections. Therefore, banks that give loans for business development without unnecessary delay are preferable. As a rule, if the specialists of the credit department see active work, stable turnover, then most often they issue a positive decision. But it does not hurt to know in advance about the types and conditions of lending, possible “pitfalls”.

Features of opening a bank account for business

A current account is necessary for conducting almost all financial transactions, including:

Payment for goods and services to suppliers, contractors.
Transfer of rent payments, taxes, salaries.
Receiving payments from contractors, loans.
Integration into acquiring systems, SBP and much more.
According to Russian law, a set of documents is required to open an account. The principles of forming a package for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, of course, differ. The exact list is better to check with the selected bank. Common to all are:

Certificate of registration in the state register (OGRN, EGRIP)
Certificate of registration with the tax office.
Rosstat codes defining areas of activity (OKVED).
All documents are provided in the form of originals and copies. Notarization of their authenticity is not required. In any case, the security service of financial organizations checks each document, and only after that the management makes a decision on cooperation. Bank details are issued upon conclusion of contracts.

We note the modern approach of banks for small businesses. In most institutions today, you can remotely open a cash register. An online package of documents practically does not differ from an offline set.

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