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State support for businessmen

When starting a business, the issue of financing is always acute. Common sources of funds are credit or loans. But there are additional opportunities to make your life easier: these are state programs to support small businesses.
The conditions for supporting small businesses are varied and depend on the specific situation. Most often, entrepreneurs are interested in receiving subsidies and grants. But as a help to a novice businessman, the state can provide both benefits for the use of state property and partial compensation for staff training.
The business support fund acts as an effective tool for interaction between entrepreneurs and the state; there are such structures in every region.

Conditions for obtaining state support for small businesses

State support is provided to micro-enterprises with an annual income of up to 120,000,000 rubles, as well as to small and medium-sized businesses.

An enterprise is considered small if its income does not exceed 800,000,000 rubles a year, the average income is 2 billion. The classification also takes into account the number of employees in the company’s staff: in a micro-enterprise – up to 15 people, in a small one – no more than 100, on average – up to 250.
The conditions for supporting small businesses also take into account other criteria, in particular, the distribution of shares in the authorized capital.

Additional conditions for supporting small businesses in Russia:

The term of the company is up to two years
Registration of the organization in the tax service
No debts on taxes and other deductions
The amount of subsidies in Russia in 2021 ranges from 60 thousand to 25 million rubles. Of course, the support is small, but it is gratuitous and sufficient to cover the organizational costs.

Benefits for small businesses are important for the development of a market sector that plays a significant role in the country’s economy. Every day, from 300 to 450 individual entrepreneurs and small businesses are registered in Moscow alone: ​​cafes, beauty salons, private kindergartens, car repair shops, etc. Together, they provide Muscovites with 2.6 million jobs.
What business will receive support from the state, and what can the subsidy be spent on?

The purpose of subsidies is indicated in the business plan of a small or medium-sized enterprise. It is impossible to dispose of funds arbitrarily. You can spend subsidized money only on equipment, commercial real estate, software, licensing, patents, raw materials and consumables.

State support for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses

Citizens who do not officially work, but wish to obtain the status of an individual entrepreneur, can also receive a subsidy. To do this, you need to register with the employment service and take courses on the basics of business. After completing the training and choosing a line of business, you need to draw up a business plan that indicates the potential opportunities and risks of this type of business and create a step-by-step financial plan.

Before applying for a subsidy to start a business, you need to register as an individual entrepreneur and register with the tax service. Business Support can provide more information.

Businesses that are already operating but planning to expand their business can also apply for a competitive subsidy. When making a decision, various indicators are taken into account, including the number of jobs, staff salaries, technical characteristics of the purchased equipment.

The state is ready to take on up to 50% of the costs, provided that the entrepreneur has his own savings for investment. The money received can only be used for the intended purpose. If after solving the problem for which the subsidy was taken, there is an unspent balance of funds left, it is returned to the budget.

Concessional loan: state support
Since 2019, a program of preferential business lending has been operating at a rate of 7%. Lost profits to financial organizations are compensated by the state.

A loan with state support can be provided to various types of businesses, but sectors such as agriculture, innovative technologies, the social sphere and others are in priority. Recently, special attention has been paid to the development of domestic tourism.

Construction companies have access to all the benefits provided to enterprises in other industries. But there are also special types of state support during the crisis.

In 2020, a preferential mortgage was introduced at a rate of 6.5%, which stimulated the sale of real estate in new buildings.
Support measures for the construction business also include:

Reduction of interest rates on developers’ loans
Encouraging buyers to purchase housing on preferential terms. Among the tools – preferential refinancing of a mortgage loan
Extension of the validity of documents regulating the work of developers
On August 9, 2021, the government of the Russian Federation adopted a resolution on compensation for additional costs for developers caused by an increase in prices for building materials
A common problem for novice businessmen is insufficiently qualified staff. The state support program supports training in small business on preferential terms.

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