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Search for investors for business

Experienced businessmen joke that finding an investor is like finding a soul mate. Of course, if there are common ways, but it also happens that fate seems to bring you together – it sounds fabulous, but the likelihood of such a meeting should always be increased to the best of your ability.

Search sites
So, here are the main (sometimes obvious) ways to find an investor to implement a business idea:

your surroundings;
client base;
chats in instant messengers (Telegram is especially popular);
investment clubs;
specialized platforms, including crowdfunding ones;
networking events;
investment brokers;
targeted advertising companies;
investment funds.
Consider the pros and cons of each method and turn the theory into a little closer to practice.


Of course, we are not talking about the immediate environment – if your circle of close acquaintances had enough wealthy and interested in business people, you would already know about it. But no one has canceled the famous “six handshake theory” – in fact, you have much more business connections than you think, even if you are new to business.

Do not dismiss this way to find investors for business development: study your acquaintances and think over a communication strategy. Business etiquette requires asking indirect questions, not just demanding money for financing, but trying to interest the project. If you involve a person in an idea and get at least a supportive repost from him, this will already increase your chances.

Client base
Ideal for those who already have a business. Your clients, in any case, trust you more than those who have never worked with you at all.

Study your clientele, keep the aforementioned “theory” in mind and use the loyalty you already have – this is your trump card.

With their help, you can find an investor to start a business from scratch. Few people know that in Telegram you can communicate not only with real friends. This messenger has a lot of business chats where investors meet. Access to chats can be found through friends or simply bought.

Working in chats is a little different from advertising – you will need to send messages with a certain regularity (without violating the rules of the chat about the frequency of publications) with brief information about you and your business. We recommend that you provide brief information about you, do not forget about the essence of the investment idea (search) and be sure to mention the potential benefits of the contributor (this can be a share, bonuses or just popularity if the project is media).

Performances in investment clubs
If you live in a large city, there will definitely not be any problems with this, but you can also try to “break through” small cities for the presence of such clubs. Search the Internet for an “investment club” in your city, and then it’s a matter of technology: you need to call and ask about the opportunity to speak.

A blog is a powerful business tool to find an investor to start a business, especially if you are willing to invest in working on it. The main way to get attention is to learn storytelling.

Storytelling is the whole art of presenting information through stories. The storyteller does not talk about his business in boring formal language, but turns his project into an exciting action that awakens emotions in the reader and the desire to take part in it.

This may seem difficult and laborious – in fact, it is really not easy. But a storytelling blog is an investment in your future. The more honestly and sincerely you speak about your case, the more trust you will earn. Later, storytelling on a blog can become the basis for your brand’s social media accounts, which are also indispensable today.

Investment platforms
Crowdfunding is collaboration. Its participants voluntarily pool their resources (in this case, money) in support of people or organizations. The advantage of such a fundraising is that you can use the help of many people – it will not require huge expenses from them, and you will significantly reduce the time it takes to find an investor. A good option how to find an investor for a small business.

The most famous (and generally the first) crowdfunding platform in the world, where you can still find investors for business development, is Kickstarter. It has a Russian counterpart – Boomstarter, but that’s not all – today there are dozens of similar projects of various sizes on the network, you only need to choose one or several for placement.


Networking is a modern way to do business “as before”. Networking is your connections that help you move forward with the help of people you know, old and new. Networking includes various business parties, entertainment events with a certain contingent, including investors.

Try to choose paid events – on free events, the probability of meeting the right person is much lower. And be sure to rehearse before going to the event: think over what you will say, how you will present your project and yourself personally, so as not to waste precious time communicating with the investor and to be remembered in a crowd of people.

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