Homosexuality Is a Sin Imposed by Men Besotted by Lies

Everyone has reincarnated and as such they also change sex from one life to another. This happened in my case as I was a man in my last life and early in this one had some problems adjusting to the loss of strength and acceptance. There is ample evidence of reincarnation as millions have either a clear memory or at least an inkling of it. What is wrong with society are the religious lies and claims of heaven and hell, which clearly don’t exist.

These unreal and non-existent places are the power behind religions that promote them as eternal destinations. If you follow the religious rules you go up and if you ignore them you go down. That is the trap that engages one in false hopes and beliefs.

In my experience there is only one God, the Great Creative Spirit of the Universe. It is everywhere and throughout all of space. It speaks to those who listen and it rewards the truth seekers. It is not in religion and those who promote the same also are the force behind terrorism.

Those who carry out the violent acts against others (and the Catholic Church has murdered millions) are thinking of their own rewards in heaven or paradise. They have no love for their fellow humans and they are more than willing to die for their cause because they have been indoctrinated and brain-washed into beliefs that are responsible for their behaviour.

To counter-act terrorism governments need to pass laws to make it mandatory that religions prove their claims so that the lies are exposed. The number of homosexuals that are suffering because of religious fraud amounts to a crime and the real criminals are getting away with murder.