Erect Penis Protection: Lifestyle Changes to Consider

Considering its importance to an active sex life, it’s no wonder that a man wants to protect his erect penis and make sure it’s functioning at its best at all times. Certainly, paying proper attention to good penis health can help a man be more certain that his erect penis will look and feel good. But there are numerous lifestyle issues which can affect the manhood’s firmness factor.

Beyond the penis

When taking steps to protect their erect penis, men often focus on circumstances that relate very directly to the organ in question. But the fact is that total health also has an impact on the penis. Here are several things that a man can do to help ensure that his member is in a better position to perform admirably when called upon by a comely maiden.

Nix the cigs.

Men who smoke not only are putting their overall health at risk; they’re potentially putting a damper on their favorite little buddy’s activities. Smoking is damaging to the blood vessels in general, and nicotine, in particular, causes the blood vessels to constrict. This happens, they can’t allow the proper influx of blood that is essential for a full-on erection. Stopping smoking is one excellent way to make a member appreciably stiffer.

Shed the belly.

Obesity is a major problem in the world today, causing long term problems that ultimately lead to a shortened lifespan. The penis doesn’t like those extra pounds either. For one thing, too much poundage makes it look shorter. Excess weight also increases the risk of diabetes, which in turn can cause nerve damage to the body – including the penis. When the nerves in the penis don’t receive stimulation properly, it’s more difficult to get and maintain an erection.

Get moving.

One way to shed those extra pounds is to exercise more, and that’s a good thing in and of itself. Men whose lifestyle is too sedentary are more likely to experience varying degrees of erectile dysfunction. Regular exercise routines keep the blood flowing, send oxygen throughout the body and help to build testosterone levels – all of which are things that the penis likes and responds positively to.

Watch what you eat.

A proper diet is also essential to losing weight, but even men who are not overweight need to make sure that the food they eat contains penis-friendly options. That basically means foods which are good for the heart, as a healthy cardiac system is essential for keeping the blood pumping to the penis. Fresh fruits and vegetables, fibers, whole grains and lean meats are a good idea; high-fat foods, fried foods and foods that undergo a significant degree of processing should be ingested in moderation. Alcohol should also be watched; a moderate amount is usually fine, but heavy drinking causes numerous health complications, which in turn have an impact on a man’s ability to function to his utmost.

Consider testosterone.

Testosterone is important for maintaining one’s libido, as well as in helping to keep muscles properly toned. Higher levels of testosterone typically increase a guy’s stamina as well. All these factors come into play when active in the bedroom, so keeping testosterone at a healthy level is essential. Men who think their testosterone may be too low should consult with a doctor.

Lifestyle changes in the above areas can be useful in achieving and maintaining an erect penis; those efforts can be supplemented by using a first rate penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to ensure that the member is in its best health whether erect or at rest. The best bet is to choose a crème that contains both acetyl L carnitine and L-arginine. Acetyl L carnitine is a wonderful neuroprotective guard that helps to ward off de-sensitization of the penis, making the organ maintain its proper response to stimulation. L-arginine is a component of the process by which nitric oxide is made, and that in turn helps open up blood vessels in the member so that the blood can flow freely when required.