Shower Masturbation: Tips for Fun in the Tub

One of the great things about masturbation is the convenience factor – one carries the necessary equipment around at all times, making it easy to indulge oneself just about anywhere. (Although doing so on a street corner or at the dinner table is generally not the best idea). This of course means that masturbating in the shower is an option – and indeed, it turns out to be a popular one. One survey indicated that 89.9% of respondents had engaged in masturbation while taking a shower. This is an excellent way for men to combine penis care (i.e., cleaning the penis) with penis enjoyment, especially when the following tips are followed.


Clearly, a man can simply enjoy a good stroke session in the shower without any special instruction. But these tips are things that many men may want to consider while experiencing some water-based masturbation.

– Use lubrication. With all the wetness involved in a shower, it may seem odd for a guy to include lubrication while pleasuring himself in the tub. But the fact is that the water can wash off the natural lubrication that often occurs during masturbation. Some men use soap and/or shampoo to add a little slickness, and those are certainly handy when in the shower. But too much soap or shampoo can irritate the skin, especially during a lengthy solo session. Keeping a little lube nearby may be a better solution.

– Keep an eye on temperature. Hot showers can feel relaxing, but if a lot of that water is going to be focused on the penis, cool it down a bit. Water that is too hot can damage the very sensitive penis skin, making the manhood feel sore and potentially scalding it. In addition, too much hot water can deplete the skin’s natural oils, making for a very dry penis when the whole experience is over.

– Watch the balance. Many men can really get deeply into their masturbating experience. Deeply felt moans are fine, especially since the sound of running water may keep roommates from hearing them. But those who tend to pour their whole body into the physical aspect of it may need to practice a little restraint: it’s far too easy to slip and fall in a wet tub.

– Work the shower head. Those whose tubs include a movable shower head should take advantage of this fact. The erect penis often enjoys the feel of the jet spray hitting it, so move the nozzle all around. If the shower head also offers different streams and strengths, adjust it for more enjoyable variation.

– Consider the curtain. Many men find that wrapping the shower curtain or liner around their hand and stroking the penis adds a special new texture that can be quite arousing and invigorating.

– Take care with the clean-up. One of the delights of masturbating in the shower is that it’s a breeze to clean one’s penis and hands afterward. However, it’s important that a man makes sure that there are no tell-tales gobs of semen left behind on the walls, floor or – in some cases – ceiling. This is especially true if one’s partner or roommate is due in the shower next.

Since masturbation is part of a healthy sex life being prepared to relieve oneself in the shower is only good sense. Equally good sense is to make sure to incorporate a good penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) into one’s daily health regimen. Since showering can sometimes cause a depletion of oils and nutrients, a crème with vitamin Dis recommended. Vitamin D has a deserved reputation as a “miracle vitamin,” thanks to its potency in helping to fight disease and to enable proper cell functionality. The presence of acetyl L carnitine is also desirable in the chosen crème. Water that is too hot may cause some de-sensitization in a penis, and acetyl L carnitine has neuroprotective properties that help to maintain proper sensitivity in Man’s favorite organ. A first class crème ensures one can continue to enjoy oneself while enjoying the shower.