Want Better Sex? Practice These Yoga Positions

Many men maintain their penis health as a means of ensuring better sex for themselves and their partners, and it is undeniably true that a healthy penis is better positioned to create satisfying sexual activities. However, focusing solely on the manhood is not enough. To achieve the goal of better sex, a man’s entire body should be in good health. One way to help maintain overall health while at the same time working toward improving one’s sexual health is to regularly practice yoga.

Yoga has become huge in Western society in recent years, and while more women than men still practice it, the proportion of male yoga enthusiasts has risen steadily. And why not? Yoga is excellent exercise that also can help to release tension and stress, while at the same time helping to keep blood flowing throughout the body. All of that adds up to making a man more sex-ready in general.


While any yoga course can be beneficial for a man, those seeking to include yoga as part of their “better sex search” may want to focus on such positions as these:

– Cobra. The cobra pose is one of the most popular in yoga and almost certain to be included in any basic yoga class. For this position, a person lies face down on the floor, with the hands spread by the shoulder. While inhaling, he straightens the arms, lifting the torso up off the floor and stretching upward. If possible, a man may want to stretch his neck upward as well. After holding the pose 15-30 seconds, he returns to lying down. The cobra works the lower back and the arms (making it good exercise for the Missionary and other positions), but also helps strengthen breathing control.

– Butterfly. Sit on the floor, bend the knees and bring the soles of the feet together and as close to the midsection as possible without pain. Keeping the back straight, try to press the knees closer to the floor. This provides a good stretch for the crotch; it is also believed in tantric circles to open sexual channels in the male.

– Horse. Standing with knees apart (heels just slightly wider than knees), bend the knees while keeping the back straight. Keep the back straight and don’t lean forward. The horse strengthens the legs and aids in balance. It also focuses attention on hip flexibility, which is crucial for thrusting purposes during intercourse.

– Crescent Moon. Stand straight with feet together, arms extended above head with hands together as if praying. Bend slowly to one side, return to center, bend to the other side, and return again to center. Crescent moon helps keep sides limber but it also contributes again to hip flexibility.

– Bridge. Another very popular pose, the bridge involves lying flat on the back, arms by the side. Bend the knees, bringing feet close to the posterior. Lift the torso while pressing down on the feet, raising the hips into the air. Hold for 30 seconds and the return the hips and torso to the floor. The bridge is especially helpful for “woman on top” sexual positions, as it allows the man to contribute some movement that can create new angles of penetration.

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