Sleep & Its Importance

Sleep is an integral part of daily life. It’s a natural and physiological process to recharge the mind, heart, and body. It’s a state of temporary death as we do not sense anything while in sleep mode. Busy people tend to sleep for a brief period of 4 to 5 hours during the night. Working continuously without any break will affect the health of a person in the long run. Too much of it makes anybody lazy and unproductive.

Sleep varies depending on the stages of life. Children eat and sleep more to remain hale and active. When the burdens and pleasures compete in the adulthood, they work more but sleep less. The old age sees the slows down in the intake of food, productivity, and the sleep duration. Nonetheless, with systematic and balanced approach towards work and health, one can lead a happy life.

Types of sleep. Normally, sleep means ‘lying on something by closing one’s eyes in the night-time.’ For those doing the night duties, daytime sleep is essential. Some people have spells of sleep whenever they find free time during the bus or train journey or after the lunch. Such short sleep is known as ‘Nap’ or ‘Siesta.’ Few people have the habit of sleeping through the whole day during their long train journey. Blessed is the people who can sleep anytime, anyway (sitting or standing or lying), and anywhere: An adaptation to sleep.

Sound sleep is a condition when one gets good sleep without disturbances like noise, dreams, light, etc. Definitely, it doesn’t mean the snoring, talking or walking that spoils the peace of the fellow sleepers. Usually, a person will not be aware of such problem unless somebody tells him. A wife asked the family doctor to help her in controlling the husband’s sleep-talking. The doctor said, “There is no cure available as it’s a natural process.” But the lady replied, “In that case, at least treat him to talk louder so that I could hear properly.”

Some sections of the society do sacrifice their night’s sleep to safeguard the welfare of others. Thanks to the personnel working in the defence, hospital, transport, and police for their dedication. Dalai Lama said, “Sleep is the best meditation.”

One thing that works unselfishly and incessantly without rest or sleep is our heart. However, good sleep keeps the heart healthy. Read some books to get sleep quicker, but never resort to any shortcuts like sleeping pill and liquor.