Words of Wisdom – For Girls!

In life, there appear times when people are right there, but you can not hook them up forever; You can not tie them with you; You can not hold onto them; You can not have them.

You know they are easy with getting away yet you do not halt loving them.

You run after them. They say they will make up-to it and sometimes say they would not be able making up.

You being told repeatedly that you would not have them begins engraving those words in your soul embedding sadness to your already-miserable life. You start to fade away, inside trying to stand-up but falling badly.

Deep down, inwardly, you want to yell and shout for them, for your love, for your thing, but No, then the idea of them being someone else’s starts to appear. You want them.

Yes! You! You need them. You tell them you love them. They overlook. They ignore you. They are your life; the reason of your existence but you? A little piece of pollution for them. You do all that you can crossing limits and sometimes when you can not, you stop and they? They leave the world because every entity has to end up this way, leaving the earth, leaving the world everyone has to move off.

They said they were yours? They were? Or they would do something? For you? Were you so crazy and a blind Milton that you had nothing else to do but run after them? Oh come on! If you were worth the fight, they would not have left you like a tissue paper. Used and misused. You get that?

Yes you! Never run after anybody no matter what they say and NO matter how truly they deceive you. YOU get that? It is YOU who pays later on. It is YOU who mistakes time-pass with AFFECTION.

If you are worth the fight, a FIGHTER will come! Sooner or later.. He will. Trust me, honey. He will.

If something is meant for you, it will be yours. No one, intentionally or unintentionally can have it, no matter how hard they try. The poignancy of life resides in YOU being unable to acknowledge that MERELY the love of God sees no fall. Only the affection that YOU hold inside you for God stays forever. What good a lover God is. He, only He, the Almighty, doesn’t question you anything for himself, all that He has ever wanted is for YOUR good not His. So live and love, wisely!