Design Your Man and Then Be on the Lookout

I am talking about your life partner or rather, soul mate – that special person that you would like to spend the rest of your life with. In order to get somebody that would match up to your expectations, you need to design him first. Now how do you do that? Read on to find out how I exemplify.

Designing a man means writing in paper or a digital editor about all the qualities, features, characteristics, occupation and hobbies you would like him to have. Here is an example of the design I created for my Man. Just take a look at it. You will definitely get your AHA moment

Good-looking, in his late thirties, single with no children, loves and respects me, tall, no moustache, not too dominating and a lot decent, smiling and cheerful, likes to laugh at good jokes; tells good jokes, can work through problems like a man, can share his problems with me, can be a shoulder to cry on, be brave and courageous in a crisis, able to take good decisions, lives abroad but will connect with me soon, strong and sturdy, successful in life about anything he does, goes about in a planned way, does not have beverages, preferably does not smoke; his name begins with “J” (both my sisters’ hubbies’ names begin with “J”), medium sacred, believes in God and says his prayers; all his family members appreciate me for my appearance, my skills, my motivations and achievements. He is clean and tidy and so is his entire family. They will be good to our future child/children; my soul mate has no grudges about my interest in self-improvement eBooks; in fact he gets also inspired if he is not already; he loves me to work in my field of interest (Computer Science & Engineering). Together we make up to be perfect soul mates. Additionally he lets me do all the good things I want to do with no grudges for example, write free self-help books, short stories and articles as hobbies, and spread them around and also other good stuff for instance, donating to a charity or a cause. He has no objections about me working in a dream career. And he lets me know of his interests occupationally and leisure-wise. He lets me manage my finances and wealth in my own way and even gives me helpful tips regarding this. Not only I want him but also he wants me badly enough. I repeat we are perfect soul mates. That implies we cease to have a divorce.”

So you have designed your man. Put the paper or save the editor as a txt or MS Word file in a safe place.

The next step would be to be on the lookout for your special man.

You can stay at home and keep praying and visualizing your man. If you believe in what you ask for in your prayers, you will surely get the man of your dreams.

On the other hand, if you are more of an extrovert and outgoing nature, start mixing with people and look in the right places that match your interest. For example, a man at the local bar doesn’t interest you but formal office guys capture your attention. So look out for friends, acquaintances and relatives who work in the offices of your choice. Then interact, socialize and then earn what you desire: Your Special Man.

To ensure you have found the right man for your life once you have confronted him, ask him questions like below:

1) What do you love to do?

2) What are your hobbies?

3) What kind of friends do you have? What do they do? Are they married?

4) How are your bonds with your parents and siblings?

5) What is you view of life on the whole?

When he answers these questions, you will immediately know whether he has strong relationships with the people around him, he is ready to commit, his manners and courtesies, his likes and hobbies, what he does for a living and whether all these match up to your standard. His overall view of life should give you glimpses of his level of optimism, maturity and confidence as a whole. Also, of course, his looks and body language will speak for whether he is Mr. Right for you or you still need to be on the quest.