What Causes Allergies – Why Some People Get Them and Others Don’t!

Today I’m going to share with you what causes allergies, as well as how to eliminate them. When a person dies their body decomposes and they turn into a skeleton. What do you think keeps this body from decomposing when someone is alive? It’s the immune system.

In fact all around us there are tons of harmful bacteria and fungus and the only thing keeping them away, is the immune system. Every so often this system messes up and thinks something harmless is dangerous and this foreign material is called an antigen. Some examples of antigens could be pollen, mold, pet hair or dust mites.

The immune system next creates antibodies or immunoglobulin, which are then used to hunt down and destroy the bad guys. These antibodies release a chemical known as histamine that many people think is the cause for an allergic reaction.

Some examples of this allergic reaction could be a runny nose, nausea, diarrhea and having difficulty with breathing. The next question you might be wondering is why do some people have annoying allergic reactions to harmless things, while others are completely fine? When it comes to getting an allergic reaction I like to think of the chickenpox, which may sound strange.

When you get the chickenpox when you’re young your body defeats it. While you kill it off the immune system learns how to kill it, so you can’t get it again. Henry Ford Hospital has shown through studies that having a pet in the house during a child’s first year of life may prevent an allergic reaction from pet hair. The immune system recognizes that the pet hair is not a threat and therefore an allergic reaction isn’t created.

There are even some studies from the same hospital that babies who are born through C sections are much more likely to suffer from allergies. Do you have any idea why this would happen? In someone’s body there are good bacteria that serve a variety of useful purposes. With a C section a baby is surgically removed from the body and therefore doesn’t go through the birth canal. By not going through the birth canal the baby doesn’t get exposed to all the healthy good bacteria. Therefore perhaps the body doesn’t learn from that experience and this hurts its ability to recognize good bacteria from bad bacteria.

If you do suffer from allergies don’t be sad because there are a few things you can do. One idea would be taking bee pollen. Bee pollen reduces histamine that causes the annoying allergic reaction most people don’t like.

To sum everything up allergies are caused by allergens. People that get more exposure to allergens and healthy bacteria early in life have a better chance of not having allergies. A great natural solution to allergies is bee pollen because it reduces histamine.