Seven laws of money or how to be friends with finances
Do you want to become financially free and prosperous? Have you thought about your relationship…

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Choosing a bank for business
The choice of a bank for business in Russia is one of the key problems…

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Business financial health
It happens that a company looks successful, healthy and rich: every month it opens a…


What is net cash flow
Net cash flow is an economic indicator of the solvency and financial well-being of the…

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Comfortable old age without FIU

Getting old is not scary, it’s scary to live in poverty. Are you ready to give up going to the cinema, having fun with friends in bars, designer clothes and other pleasant little things in life? It is rare to meet retirees in fashion boutiques, cafes or cinemas, and even abroad, in popular resorts.

In connection with the increase in the retirement age and the general financial destabilization, we need to think about the future today.

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How to make money without working

Agree, it would be great if we could earn money without working? While there is no one hundred percent way to get rich without working at all, there are methods by which you can earn money with little or no effort. If you have the funds to invest or are willing to invest in your next money-making scheme, you will have a better chance of making consistent cash flow than in a traditional job.


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How to become a millionaire

Many people dream of becoming a millionaire, but not many try to achieve this specific goal. In a world where the first billion is the new goal for the rich, it is quite possible for the average person to become a millionaire. To do this, you need to have rational thinking, conduct effective management and periodically take calculated risks.
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How to Calculate the Share of Income Paid as Dividends
The share of income paid in the form of dividends is a way of measuring…


Money under the mattress does not work!
Like fuel for a car. If a canister of gasoline lies somewhere in the garage,…


The main mistakes of businessmen
So what's the problem? Why do some manage to run a business, while others go…