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The concept of liquidity, types and how to calculate
The meaning of the word liquidity is not as confusing a term as it might seem. In essence, liquidity is the ability of something (an asset) to quickly turn back…


The concept of liquidity, types and how to calculate
The meaning of the word liquidity is not as confusing a term as it might seem. In essence, liquidity is the ability of something (an asset) to quickly turn back…

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Comfortable old age without FIU

Getting old is not scary, it’s scary to live in poverty. Are you ready to give up going to the cinema, having fun with friends in bars, designer clothes and other pleasant little things in life? It is rare to meet retirees in fashion boutiques, cafes or cinemas, and even abroad, in popular resorts.

In connection with the increase in the retirement age and the general financial destabilization, we need to think about the future today.

Start now or enjoy life?
The answer is not obvious – you can not start “here and now.” First you need to take care of your career, make a solid foundation and develop. If you are young, ambitious and courageous – develop professionally: spend money on education, books, useful acquaintances. After 30 years, it’s time to start saving for retirement.

I want such a pension to chic


The more you need, the more you need to save. The average life expectancy in the Russian Federation is 67 years for men and 77 years for women, the average life expectancy is 72 years, according to Rosstat. To calculate, let’s take the average age, and don’t forget officially women retire at 63, and men at 65.

Considering future costs, do not forget to take into account that in old age you need to pay more attention to health – the cost of medicine will increase. For clarity, let’s take the average salary in the country – 37,100 rubles.

To come off to the fullest in old age – you need to work hard in your youth. So let’s count.

Our “monthly salary” * 12 months * (term of life – term of termination of work) 37100 * 12 * (72-65) \u003d 3,116,400 rubles

The amount that men need to start saving from the age of 30, with a salary of 25,000, is about 7,600 rubles.

And in order to receive also 25,000 rubles, you need to save 5,000 each, which is no longer so painful for the wallet.

If you save less, you need to work after retirement, or – to make savings earn. Let’s look at the two most affordable ways.

Money to the bank


Opening a bank account is the easiest way to save money. Transfer money to your account every month, and penalties will deter the temptation to withdraw money ahead of time. If the bank goes bankrupt or its license is revoked, the insurance will return your funds, but in the amount of up to 1.4 million rubles. If your amount exceeds – open a second account in another bank.


In the event of an insured event at the bank, compensation is paid not only to individuals, but also secondarily to individual entrepreneurs (IP). Russian clients receive 100%* of the amount of the insured bank deposit, but not more than 1.4 million rubles for all accounts in one bank. In this case, the currency is converted into rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank on the day of the insured event. Insurance payments on a deposit in one bank do not affect the amount of compensation in case of default in another bank for the same client.

Benefits – Simplicity

Disadvantages – low profitability

Non-state pension fund

Easier than a deposit, because it was created for retirement savings. You just need to choose a program that is flexible enough to adapt to the situation. You can deposit money manually – transfer a certain amount to the NPF account, or write an application to the accounting department at the place of work – this way there is less risk of spending money.

Unfortunately, such pension funds still have reliability problems. The good news is that funds are protected by a deposit insurance system, which protects them from bankruptcy like banks. Funds accumulate funds at the expense of deposits, and here already – “roulette”.

Benefits – Convenience

Disadvantages – no confidence, low profitability

Think in advance how much you want to receive in old age.
Invest in yourself first, develop. After 30, you can start saving money.
A bank deposit will not help to accumulate a large amount of money, but it will protect against inflation and save you from rash spending.
A non-state pension fund is an interesting option, but you need to beware of fraud and possible financial losses due to unsuccessful fund investments.

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