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Seven laws of money or how to be friends with finances

Do you want to become financially free and prosperous? Have you thought about your relationship with finances? We all want to have as much money as we need and even more, but in the end we can observe that someone is friends with money, and someone not so much.

Money requires respect, so proper handling and following the money laws discussed in this article will help you improve your financial situation and strengthen your relationship with money.

1. The law of choice

To be poor or to be rich, each person chooses for himself. By creating hundreds of beliefs and excuses, we limit ourselves, stop believing in our talents, abilities, and eventually stop noticing the opportunities that surround us.
If you think that you are still not rich because you do not have the proper education, or because you were born at the wrong time, or because you have no abilities, then understand that this is just a banal excuse not to change anything in life.
And if you still decide to become rich completely and irrevocably, believe in yourself for real, and begin to act, then be sure to achieve what you want. Most successful people become rich by starting from scratch, simply believing in themselves and starting to implement ideas. The first thing you need to do is to remove the limitations and negative beliefs from your head and choose the path of financial freedom and well-being.

2. The law of capital

This law does not apply to capital, expressed in monetary terms, but capital as the ability to earn. The amount of money that you receive as income today is a measure of how your ability to earn money is manifested. Develop skills, improve knowledge, explore new horizons, increase your personal value. Strive to work not harder, but better. Invest in yourself and increase your earning potential.

3. Law of perspective

When implementing an idea or project, consider the strategy and steps ahead. Even if the profit did not come quickly, you should not give up halfway through – be patient and follow the plan. If your project in the future will bring you excellent income, and the profit from the initial one will increase significantly, then continue to act and boldly look into the future for the future.

4. Law of savings

This law is observed by all financially successful people, setting aside from 10% of their income to the reserve. If you start following this rule, you will be able to avoid debt and loans, as well as form a “safety cushion” for your financial well-being. If saving 10% of your income is still difficult for you, then start with two or three percent, gradually approaching the recommended figure. Create a reserve and use your savings wisely.

5. Law of investment

This law is considered by rich people to be one of the most important monetary laws. It is investments that help to preserve and increase capital, since money can work for you and this can be realized only with the help of competent financial management. When choosing a business or company where you are going to invest your hard-earned money, be sure to carefully analyze everything, weigh all the pros and cons. Allocate funds among instruments taking into account profitability and risks, build a winning investment strategy with professionals.

6. Law of conservation

The strength of your financial future is largely determined not by how much money you make, but by how much you end up with. Those 10% that you save immediately from income do not count. If you keep the balance, and not spend on petty every-minute desires, then you will more likely come to the desired amount of capital and financial freedom.

7. Law of Analysis

You need to analyze your financial situation regularly. Try to set aside time at least once a week to think about managing money, optimizing expenses, additional sources of income, and improving the situation as a whole. If you pay attention to the analysis of personal finances, then your decisions will be more thoughtful, reasonable and will certainly lead you to high financial results, well-being and success.

So we introduced you to the seven monetary laws.

Follow our recommendations, act towards your desired goals and your dreams will become a reality!

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