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How the banking system works
We all, one way or another, interact with banks. Deposits, loans, bank cards, payment of utility bills: this is an integral part of the daily life of every person. But…

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How to become rich at a young age
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How to earn fast

Do you urgently need money? There are several ways to quickly earn extra money. Such ways are: selling personal items, doing odd jobs and earning money in ways that you have not thought about before. The methods described may or may not work for long-term income, but they are great if you need to earn money within a few hours or days.

Sale of personal items

Sell ​​things you no longer need. A quick and easy way to make money is to sell personal items that are in demand. Think about what things you no longer need. As a rule, the following items are sold fairly quickly:
Musical instruments
collectible toys
Electronic equipment (computers, tablets, TVs, speakers, etc.)

Video games
Unused gift cards (in some countries, these cards can be sold on various websites or redeemed at special kiosks)[

Think about how you can sell items. You can sell personal items to people you know or strangers or online. Depending on where you live, each of these methods can bring you a quick income.
Host a garage sale
Trade at the flea market
Sell ​​items on an online auction site like eBay
Sell ​​products through classifieds, including online bulletin boards
Use the services of a pawnshop
Sell ​​things through online stores (similar to Amazon or There you will quickly sell books, DVDs, electronics and smartphones. These sites charge a small fee or a percentage of your income for their services.
Try to sell items to shops. This is how you can sell designer clothes, CDs and books.

Set a competitive price. It is quite difficult to determine the price of the items sold. But if you set the price at half the price of an item, you will most likely be able to sell it quickly. If you need money urgently, focus on a reasonable price.
If you don’t need the money so urgently, don’t sell items at bargain prices.
Other types of sales

Sell ​​something to passers-by. For example, you can sell soft drinks in the summer and roasted nuts in the winter. This method can be especially lucrative if you’re selling near a stadium, park, or similar public place. You will need a small initial capital to buy a product, but then you will resell the product at a higher price and get a good and fast income.
For example, you buy a package of 20 bottles of water for 400 rubles. If you sell each bottle for 80 rubles, then your total income will be 1600 rubles, and your net profit will be 1200 rubles.
Find out if this type of trading is legal where you live.
Be careful if you are selling goods on a street with heavy traffic.

Sell ​​the items you find. If you have a metal detector or even just good eyesight, walk around in public places where people often lose things (such places are parks, beaches, shopping centers). Look for money, jewelry and other valuable items. This method isn’t very reliable, but you might get lucky and find something that can be sold quickly for cash.

Sell ​​hair. If you have healthy, uncolored and long enough hair, you can sell it for good money. This can be done through specialized online services or at a local beauty salon (hairdresser).
Hair up to 25 cm long can be sold for several thousand rubles. The price increases with the length of the hair. For example, hair longer than 75 cm costs several tens of thousands of rubles.

Get paid for donating blood or plasma. Plasma is a component of blood, and the donation process is similar to donating blood: blood is taken from you, the plasma is separated, and the red blood cells are returned to your body. In some countries, the law prohibits the sale of plasma, but you can be compensated for your time. For example, in the United States, you can get approximately $200 a month for donating plasma.
To donate plasma, you must be healthy and between 18 and 65 years of age.
In some countries, donating plasma will give you a pre-loaded gift card.

Get money for donating sperm. Sperm donors can earn tens of thousands of rubles a month. But in order to become a donor, you need to be tall, educated and healthy. Find a nearby specialized center, register in it and become a donor.

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